Leubgythe (Nancy) Holm, Ph.D.

Welcome home!

I’m delighted you found the “WELCOME YOUR GENIUS” coaching world! I’m excited to support you on your journey to deep fulfillment, joy, healing and loving connection.


You are in the right place if you align with one or more of these times of life:



Sacred Pregnancy

  Expecting parent/pregnant mama (pre-conception too!) and in addition to moving past fears (including ancestral), build confidence, deeply connect with your spirit baby before birth and prepare for your new identity as parent. Experience pregnancy as a deeply spiritual initiatory journey as our ancestors and traditional peoples know. Deepen beyond traditional childbirth education. Overcome fears and past patterns. Bond with your conscious baby throughout pregnancy.

Parenting has begun.  (more info)



Surprise Crisis

  Facing a sudden life crisis
such as illness, divorce, or career transition and want support on the initiatory journey to joy and wholeness. Does life during surprise crisis have you feeling like you’re in a deep, dark hole and can’t climb out?

Feeling alone?

Coaching will help you navigate the journey back to your new Self. (more info)



ADHD Overwhelm

  ADHD distractability is overwhelming
and you want strategies for success. Get support on your journey to better better time management and organization. If you have a ‘diagnosis’ of ADHD, it is only one piece of your identity.

Celebrate your strengths and customize prioritized strategies. Get a coach to unleash the unique genius within.  (more info)

Leubgythe (Nancy) Holm, Ph.D.

During life transitions:

You have the opportunity to connect or reconnect with your divine inner genius (the genie within) become the next, more evolved and integrated version of your sacred Self.


There are windows of opportunity throughout the circle of life that can, if supported, facilitate the deepening of meaning and fulfillment.  You either move toward life or death.


Re-visioning, with a coach as an ally, you can choose life, meaning, and hope.


Crisis then supports an opportunity and becomes the means for a new, stronger, healthy identity and life.


“Welcome Your Genius” coaching facilitates the loving unfolding of life at the soul level.


Sacred Pregnancy Coaching

Surprise Crisis Coaching

ADHD Lifeline Coaching