Leubgythe (Nancy) Holm, Ph.D.


While I have multiple degrees of the higher education variety (Ph.D., M.A., and B.A.) and am passionate about learning, there are other life experiences and trainings I consider at least as important. A sampling of a few: Anglo-Saxon Spiritual Apprenticeship, Elder Initiation in Dagara Tribal Tradition (Elder Malidoma Some’), Birthing From Within Trainings, and more.


My coaching work is about connecting or reconnecting you to your own genius and/or that of your child even from preconception or very early pregnancy.


Current scientific research supports what indigenous peoples have known over thousands of year. Babies are conscious from pre-conception through the birth experience.  There are windows of opportunity throughout the circle of life that can, if supported, facilitate the deepening of meaning and fulfillment.  We either move toward life or death.  Re-visioning these for today, we can choose life, meaning, and hope.


My worldview and my clarity about why I am here:

In multiple chapters of my life it has been my work to “point the way” or create the path and support people in connecting to their innate gifts, or ‘genius’. My own ‘genius’, or uniqueness and gift, is to pave the way for babes in the womb (more about baby consciousness later), people in life crisis, and  those with ADHDish tendencies to stay connected or return to with their/your divine essence, the “genie within”. My genius is to honor the genius of others and its unfolding, and encourage a movement that reclaims the uniqueness and sanctity of each soul. We are not ‘blank slates’, or tabula rasa, as many have been taught. When we follow the spark of joy within which is unlike any other, and offer it to the world, the world becomes whole, healed, and peaceful.


Some of my training and experience relevant  to “Welcome Your Genius” coaching:

Social Work with women in rural Jamaica

Pre and Perinatal Psychology Educator (PPNE)

APPPAH member (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health)

Parent of three adult children

Senior Certified ADHD Coach (SCAC)

ICF (International Coach Federation) Training

Member ADDA (Association for Adults with ADHD)

Member and regional board member CHADD (Children and adults with ADHD)

Certified to administer Thomas Indicator Profile (Foundation/Leader/Career)

Private coaching practice over 20 years: coaching professionals/career transition/life success

Member Patient and Family Advisory Committee for UWMC ICUs

Ph.D. (interdisciplinary: Wisdom Studies/Indigenous Mind/Transpersonal Psychology/Prenatal Psychology) Training in multiple mystery traditions

Group dreamwork project, New Chartres School,Chartres, France (6 years)

Post Doctoral apprenticeship Anglo-Saxon spiritual studies (4 years)

MA Pastoral Studies (including counseling/worship studies/arts in worship and ceremony)

BA Family and Community Services (early childhood and gerontology; psychology, nutrition);

also studied music education (voice, piano, guitar)

Indigenous birth practices of the coast Salish Peoples--project (ongoing)

Artist: watercolor painting, fiber arts


I care about (not necessarily in order of priority):

The state of the world: humans/animals/environment/the culture of birth

Re-visioning pregnancy and birth as a rite of passage

Women’s issues, homelessness, mental health issues

The arts:  music/visual art (weaving/painting/ceramics/clothing as artform)

Being nurtured by and caring for Nature; woods, beaches and mountains

Family and friends, ancestral remembrance







My name (Leubgythe: ’lube-GHEE-thuh’) can be difficult to pronounce. I didn’t name myself--my Anglo-Saxon ancestors did through an amazing elder-mentor of my ancestral tradition. It has meaning, and has become a deep part of my life journey. Names can be important that way. I may ask you about yours sometime.