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Welcome to “Birth Your Genius” Sacred Pregnancy Coaching

For your calm, connected, conscious initiatory journey of pregnancy

Are you an expecting parent/pregnant mama or are you trying to conceive? Do you desire an experience of pregnancy as a deep initiatory process for you and your child?  Your Baby-Soul needs to feel welcomed. If you are pregnant, your baby is here and you are already a parent. Sacred Pregnancy coaching can support and empower relationships with your child [prenate] and partner.




Leubgythe (Nancy) Holm, Ph.D.
Leubgythe (Nancy) Holm, Ph.D.

Did you know:

Current scientific research supports what indigenous peoples and multiple spiritual traditions have known over millennia:

  • Babies are conscious from pre-conception, even before the complete development of physiology.
  • There can be lifelong positive benefit (mind-body-spirit) from a nurturing womb environment.


 Do you want to:

  • Address past fears or past a previous experience (your own, previous birth or ancestral memory)?
  • Build confidence and feel empowered?
  • Enjoy a conscious pregnancy and a deep connection to your spirit baby?
  • Communicate with your spirit baby in the womb?
  • Embody your role as a conscious, compassionate parent throughout pregnancy?
  • Reduce possibility of postpartum depression?
  • Have the support and wisdom of a listening elder on your journey?
  • Reduce stress to benefit yourself and your spirit baby?
  • Nurture the unique divine Genius (the genie within) in yourself and your child?
  • Deepen beyond what you get in traditional childbirth education (childbirth education is important for the birth)?
  • Contribute to becoming a more peaceful planet?
  • Nurture your relationship(s) with a partner and a circle of support during this major life transition?


We can do this!

New Offerings

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Seasons of Pregnancy

Preparing to conceive

        Fertility issues have become a reality for many.

        There is much that can be done over months to support conception in the context of coaching

        Nurturing mind-body-spirit during this time is wonderful preparation

        Explore fears, patterns, history, stressors.

        Reconnect to your own Soul Journey to prepare to nurture the unique Soul

        Journey of your incoming child.


Conception and pregnancy (3 trimesters)


Birth and beyond (a ‘4th trimester’) –3 months

It would be an honor to support you and your spirit baby on this sacred journey. The sooner we begin either prior to pregnancy or early in the pregnancy, the more we can do to support you and your child. Healthy attachment begins in the womb. Preparing for pregnancy

Coaching Packages

“Cherished Baby” Birth Your Soul One on One coaching Packages: (private: phone or Zoom)

   MONTHLY COACHING PACKAGE  - starting at $860

  • 4 sessions, one per week, (phone or Zoom)
  • Mid week accountability check in available
  • Build strategies, get support, accountability, positive focus

   THREE MONTH COACHING PACKAGE - starting at $2490

(Additional fee includes PROFILE (TIP) REPORT FOR:

  • Career (customized strategies plus career recommendations)
  • Leader (customized strategies for optimal performance and leadership)

    6 MONTH COACHING PACKAGE - starting at $4920

(Additional fee includes PROFILE (TIP) REPORT FOR:

  • Career (customized strategies plus career recommendations)
  • Leader (customized strategies for optimal performance and leadership)


    A full day of focus on your big vision. Customized location and pricing.  Contact to apply for consideration or with questions.  Only one VIP day available per month.


Pregnancy Groups and Retreats

  • Dreams of Pregnancy (Group Dreamwork)
    The dreams of pregnancy are often potent and useful messages for the parent. Unborn babies can communicate to parents through dreams.
    Learn a process of dreamwork to explore messages from your dreams.
    Group dreamwork is a powerful process for nurturing and amplifying dream messages.
    Share in community as our ancestors once did.
  • Empowering Pregnancy group training (one day 9-5:30) $350 Integrating the core concepts of Prenatal Psychology, Very Early Parenting including the perspective of the pre-born child. Learn stress reduction strategies and explore your choices for being a parent
  • Birth Art (group or individual sessions, 90 minute exploration) Birth Art is a way to explore beliefs and fears of birth and beyond in a supportive, nurturing environment.
  • RETREATS Day and weekend Retreats include Nature Nurturing, Birth Art, and Singing to Babies. Escape to the beauty of nature in a magical setting for a time of nurture, community connections, and being nurtured by Nature. Feed your own being and the soul of your baby.

Customized ceremonies

(Customized fees, depending on planning time involved, if celebrant is desired, and location)

  • Conception
  • Mother Blessing
  • Naming

Contact me to discuss what you need